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Choosing the best bareboat charter company

A stunning location, unique facilities, personalised services & outstanding reputation make Whitsunday Rent a Yacht the bareboat charter company.

If you’re looking for the best bareboat charter company in the Whitsundays, look no further than Whitsunday Rent a Yacht. With an outstanding reputation and unique location, we offer a service unlike any other charter company in Australia.

What to look for when choosing a bareboat charter company

When deciding which barebaot charter company to choose, consider these points.

  • Location & proximity to the Islands including your first anchorage
  • Pricing structure. Don't fall for gimmicks such as % deals on inflated prices.
  • Level of service. The larger more established companies will offer services that some of the smaller outfits will not be able to provide.
  • Reputation. Check out recent Google, Facebook or Trip Advisor reviews
  • What extras are included eg. snorkelling gear.
  • What amenities are available at the base
  • Age and standard of the fleet

Best bareboat charter company

5 reasons Whitsunday Rent a Yacht is the best bareboat charter company

Based in Shute Harbour, closer to the islands

One of the main features which sets Whitsunday Rent a Yacht apart from the other bareboat charter companies is our location and facilities at Shute Harbour.

Surrounded by national parks, Shute is similar to being on a Whitsunday Island. The natural beautify of the Harbour makes it ideal for those who want to sleep-aboard the night before they sail. Those keen on fishing will love the private access they get to our jetty as the sun sets & the fish start biting.

The Harbour is the closest mainland port to the Islands, which is incredibly convenient for charterers who will have time to consider on their first and return journeys. There are five overnight anchorages under two hours from Shute; Meaning you can relax and your holiday won't be cut short.

The original bareboat charter company in the Whitsundays

Whitsunday Rent a Yacht is the longest operating bareboat charter company in the Whitsundays.

In 1978, Shute Harbour was the only access point to the Islands. Rent a Yacht has seen the Whitsundays bareboat industry grow, evolving with the industry while maintaining a unique location and customer-focused service.

We still meet people who did their first bareboat charter with us in the 80s!

Private jetty & facilities offering a bespoke service

Unlike other bareboat charter companies at the Coral Sea Marina, Whitsunday Rent a Yacht runs from a private jetty. Guests can drive right up to our office and unload directly onto the pier from their cars. Starting your charter with us is an intimate and hassle-free experience away from other tour operators and tourists.

Our facilities ensure that the service we offer is personalised and suited to individual needs. Because our office and maintenance team are right on the jetty with your boat, we can do those little things which add up to a quality holiday experience. 

We are passionate about supporting our guests to explore the Whitsundays from a yacht. The Whitsunday are a world-class destination, and as locals, we love to show them off! On a more personal level, most of our staff are sailors who get a thrill from introducing people to an activity we love. We feel immense satisfaction when guests come away from their charter with a sense of accomplishment, having challenged themselves, learnt new skills and put them into practice – all while enjoying a beautiful area.

Best bareaboat charter company

Immaculate boats with a range to suit all budgets

Our fleet of catamaran, monohulls and motor cruisers has something to suit all crew sizes and budgets. Couples, families and groups of friends will find a boat to sail the Whitsundays comfortably, whether it be top of the range Leopard 50 or our spacious (and very popular) 44-foot cats or a smaller, more intimate monohull.

We ensure that each boat is spotlessly clean and immaculately maintained. Each time a boat goes out on charter, we do a complete mechanical and structural check ensuring cost-effective maintenance management.

The facilities at Whitsunday Rent a Yacht include a slipway, meaning we're able to service all of our boats regularly. We have an expert team of onsite shipwrights and boat mechanics whose goal is to ensure our boats are in ship shape condition!

Examples of some of the bareboat we have for hire include:

Fantastic reputation & customer reviews

We can confidently write a post saying why we're the best charter company because of the feedback we get from our guests, many of whom have sailed with us multiple times.


From the moment you arrive to the moment you depart, our staff want you to have a memorable and seamless holiday. Get in touch to chat about customising the best Whitsundays bareboat charter for you.



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