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Live Deals tips

Want to bid in our live, online auction, Live Deals, but unsure how it works? Read four-time Live Deals winner Bernard Looby's tips and how Live Deals sent him sailing in the Whitsundays!

Queenslander Bernard Looby has won four sailing holidays - on different vessels - in our Live Deals auctions and is a regular monthly bidder.

"We have found Live Deals is a good way to get a great adventure holiday that is within our budget. And, because of the good deals offered, we can do a lot more of it," he says.

"My top bidding tip is to keep an eye on the auction. Live Deals is so easy to follow, I use my phone most of the time, so anywhere, anytime I can check in. Live Deals alerts allow you to keep track of the bidding so be sure to sign up for that."

WRAY can divulge that most winning bidders wait until the final minutes to enter their last bid. Live Deals auctions end at 8pm sharp.

"Whitsunday Rent A Yacht is fantastic to deal with too and has made the whole learning process of sailing easy. We just love coming back. There's no better place to sail than the Whitsundays, especially for beginners. It's an area that offers so many protected spots from inclement weather if needed and we feel safe. There are beautiful sites with easy access and, most of the time, perfect weather. Now that we're becoming more experienced, there is still so much more to explore in the Whitsunday area."

Sailing in the beautiful Whitsundays

Join the fun in our monthly Live Deals auctions for your chance to win a holiday at a great rate.