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Chartering a yacht in the Whitsundays with Trip in a Van

Trip in a Van sailed the Whitsundays in Sept 2020 for 7 nights and made a video to share their experience. If you’ve always wanted to book a Whitsundays yacht charter, you’ll get a lot out their video and Justin’s tips.

Travelling family Trip in a Van had so much fun sailing the Whitsundays in 2019; they joined us again, only this time they got a bigger boat and brought some friends along.

Their crew of six kids and four adults chartered Toy Buoy, a Leopard 44 sailing catamaran for seven nights.

Trip In A Van Family Charter Whitsundays

Trip in a Van’s 2020 Whitsundays Yacht Charter

Trip in a Van created an epic video sharing their Whitsundays cruising journey. You’ll see they came up against some challenging weather, but they were still able to enjoy pockets of paradise, throw a line in and have loads of laughs.

In their latest episode, Justin shares several "how-to" tips for those wanting to sail the Whitsundays for the first time. Learn how to pick up a mooring, how the radio schedules work, what to do in bad weather, essential navigation tips and how the briefings work.

To see another Whitsundays sailing episode from Trip in a Van, check out their video from 2019.

Take-aways from Trip in a Van’s Whitsunday’s experience

Add a sailing adventure to your trip around Australia.

Swapping the van for a yacht is a fantastic addition to your trip around Australia. It’s a bucket list experience worth adding to your adventure of a lifetime.

Consider booking with mates

Chartering with another family is a great way to enjoy yourself in the Whitsundays. The kids have playmates which means the parents have time to relax and there are more hands-on-deck if you want to get your boat underway.

Trip In A Van Sailing with Kids

Book a sleep-aboard

A sleep-aboard is a great way to settle into your boat the night before your briefing. Bec and Justin said this time they were glad to have booked the sleep aboard because they left things behind in the van and needed to do a few dashes back to retrieve items before their briefing.

Shute Harbour Jetty

If the weather is bad, enjoy the resorts

Trip in a van chartered in early September which is typically the best weather in the Whitsundays. But like with anything involving the elements, nothing is guaranteed, and they came up against some unusual 30 know winds and rain.

To stay out of the winds, they pulled up at Palm Bay Resort on Long Island and then to Hamilton Island. One of the advantages to booking a longer 7-night charter is if you do have bad weather, you can wait it out at the resorts and still get to experience the islands in calmer winds at their best.

Indulge! Grab a seafood platter for your first night

Fishi are a local fresh fishmonger who delivers beautiful fresh seafood platters. You can also arrange to provision for your trip with one of the local provisioning companies who have gourmet platters as a part of their service

Trip in a van sail Whitsundays


“If you haven't been on a bareboat charter around the Whitsundays, then you really need to get planning! It's deadset one of the best experiences you can do on your travels around the country. This is our second trip up here and this time we took some mates along for the ride! We did have to tackle some average weather so we missed a few of the iconic locations in the Whitsundays but we had a blast all the same!! Heaps of info in this episode to help you plan your own trip as well”.

Bec and Justin - Trip in a Van




Sail the Whitsundays like Trip in a Van and enjoy the freedom to explore

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