Complete the dream; Charter a sailing yacht


Charter a sailing yacht if you’re a sailing enthusiast who dreams of testing your skills in the Whitsundays or a guest looking to cruise for an exceptional rate.

There’s nothing like the thrill of humming along on a 40 something boat with full main and over turquoise waters with tropical islands as your backdrop. Sailing yachts are perfect for those who dream of getting a boat underway in one of the most stunning sailing grounds in the world.

We suggest that guests charter a sailing yacht, otherwise known as a monohull, for a vessel with the best sailing performance and the best price.

Designed with a smooth sailing experience in mind, monohulls give you optimal control no matter what the conditions. They are the original sailing boat and a charter vessel with everything you need to enjoy the Whitsundays. 

sialing yacht whitsundays

What’s the difference between chartering a sailing yacht and a catamaran?

When in the planning stages of your Whitsundays charter, you need to decide if you want to hire a Monohull or a Catamaran.  As the name suggests, the difference is that monohulls have one hull whereas a catamaran has two connected hulls.

Catamarans are our most popular cruising vessels because of their living spaces and sleeping capacities. This can means that our catamarans are often booked months in advance.

Sailing yachts are an excellent alternative for the budget-conscious, for smaller crews and, of course, for keen sailors. Also, it’s not unusual for us to have a monohull available for those who tend to book their holidays at the last minute.

Charter a sailing yacht for the best rates.

The costs associated with chartering a yacht or catamaran in the Whitsundays depends on the season and the boat.

Compared to a catamaran, sailing yachts are more affordable vessels to hire for a bareboat holiday. Not only do they cost less to hire, but they also cost less to run, being much more efficient on fuel.

Generally speaking, a monohull with a sleeping capacity of six will cost approximately $550 a night. If you split that cost between six people, you’re looking to sail the Whitsundays for $91 a night per head – that’s cheaper than most hotels! 

Let’s look at GiGi, a 43 Beneteau, for another cost example. GiGi can sleep a maximum of eight people. If you hired her in November for six nights – you would be looking at a total cost of $3,945, which is $82 a night per head.

charter a sailing yacht whitsundays

Sailing yachts are ideal for couples or a family

While some of our monohulls have the same sleeping capacity as the catamarans, we also have smaller vessels ideal for couples or a family.

If you’re looking to sail the Whitsundays with those closest to you, then there may not be a need for a large boat with more extensive living space. Monohulls offer a more intimate cruising vessel, and their smaller size can mean they are easier to navigate and anchor – something worth considering for a smaller crew.

All of our sailing yachts have comfortable interiors and cockpits geared towards day sailing and cruising. The living spaces are smaller, but these boats are still fully kitted out with all the comforts needed to enjoy an incredible Whitsundays experience.

Monohulls have the best sailing performance

Those who like to feel the wheel, waves, and the excitement of sailing can’t go past a sailing yacht.

It’s the sailing performance that gives monohulls their advantage, they…

  • Point into the wind, which can save time between the islands.
  • Heel (turn on their side), giving the crew a great adrenaline rush!
  • Tack quickly and easily with the ability to turn tightly.
  • Have a keel which reduces leeway (being blown across by the wind.

It’s worth noting, that as with all of our vessels, if you don’t want to sail, you can still cruise the Whitsunday islands in a sailing yacht with the motor on.

Learn to sail with our Whitsundays School of Sailing

If you want to hire a sailing yacht, why not make the most of your vessels capabilities by honing your sailing skills.

We run the Whitsundays School of Sailing, which offers world-renowned Royal Yachting Association sail training courses for beginners through to those looking for coastal skipper accreditations.

Feature sailing yachts from our fleet


charter a sailing yacht Gigi

One of the things we love about GiGi is she has a similar sleeping configuration to a catamaran, and she’s great to sail. With four cabins – including three doubles and one twin, plus two toilets and showers – GiGi offers little sacrifice when it comes to space. 

GiGi is easy to handle and a great choice for larger families or groups of friends.

Summer Breeze

charter a sailing yacht Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze is one of the smallest vessels in our fleet, with two double cabins and one bathroom. She offers an excellent choice for the budget-conscious and is absolutely the perfect romantic choice for couples.


charter a sailing yacht Rhythm

The Jeanneau 44 offers more than smooth sailing and a sleek look; She’s also perfect for those who enjoy comfort and space to relax.

Rhythm is one of our more elaborate sailing yacht options. She comes with four double cabins and two bathrooms, with the option of turning the galley table into a bed for larger groups.

Tiger Blue

Charter a sailing yacht - Tiger Blue

Tiger Blue is a crowd favourite. She offers decent rates and a smooth sailing experience with twin steering.

Sleeping six people, she has three double cabins, two bathrooms, and a spacious saloon area including plenty of seating. Tiger Blue is superb for groups of friends or families wanting to sail the Whitsundays.

If you’re keen to make the most of sailing between destinations around the dreamy Whitsunday Islands while exercising your sailing skills, we highly recommend booking a sailing yacht.



Get in touch to secure your 2021 or 2022 sailing yacht charter.

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