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10 reasons to sleep-aboard the night before you set sail

Spend the night before your Whitsunday bareboat charter holiday aboard your yacht and enjoy the benefits of a sleep-aboard

Would you like to jump-start your charter before it's even begun? Simply contact us and request pre-charter sleep-aboard (SAB) with your booking.

This is how it works: you arrive at our charter base at the beautiful Shute Harbour at 4pm the afternoon before your charter. You will be able to board your vessel and you'll be given all the information you need to see you through the night, until your brief the following morning.

We are all incredibly fortunate and proud to conduct our charter operations in one of the world’s most beautiful natural environments, Shute Harbour. As we are the only charter operator in the harbour, you are guaranteed a unique pre-charter experience when choosing to sleep aboard the night before.


Shute Harbour Whitsundays, Airlie Beach

10 reasons you will love sleeping aboard at Shute Harbour

  1. Our late afternoon check-in from 3.30pm-4pm makes choosing your flights and transport options a smoother and more flexible process. Once you’ve checked in, you can load your vessel and settle in for the night.
  2. A sleep aboard is a convenient and affordable accommodation option. There’s no need to worry about organising transport from your hotel to our base at Shute Harbour – you’re already here.
  3. You are settled aboard your vessel and already familiar with its layout and several of its systems, even before you’ve commenced your briefing.
  4. Your pre-charter area and boat brief will take place at 8am on the first day of charter, rather than the usual time of midday. This means you’ll be leaving the harbour and heading to your first anchorage at the time you would have been checking in!
  5. You have time to finalise any provisioning requirements such as last-minute shopping or return of a rental vehicle. Therefore, you are clear of all shore-bound obligations prior to the briefing, enabling a smooth, unfettered and early start to your cruising holiday.
  6. You can enjoy a barbecue on board, or perhaps a meal at a restaurant in Airlie Beach, together with a relaxing evening and a sound sleep following the rigours of the day’s travelling.
  7. You have time to familiarise yourself with your vessel the night before your brief, allowing you to raise any questions or ideas before you leave our base. It’s also a great opportunity to ensure everyone’s berths and cabins suit them, and they are comfortable with the sleeping arrangements.
  8. It’s private, quiet and beautiful. There are no loud neighbours or street noise, just the tranquil lapping of waves in the naturally sheltered Shute Harbour. There are also panoramic ocean and mountain range views, plus on-shore amenities for your convenience. So when your next charter with us, ask for a sleep aboard and start your charter on the right tack – stress-free and well-rested.
  9. There is amazing wildlife to experience at Shute Harbour. If you look carefully around our jetty, you will see varieties of colourful reef fish and many species of local birdlife such as herons, brahminy kites, ospreys, sea eagles, terns, egrets, pied and sooty oystercatchers and cockatoos to name a few.
  10. Many of our charterers who sleep aboard their vessels enjoy an evening of fishing off their boat at our private Shute Harbour Jetty.


Sleeping on a yacht at Shute Harbour is like staying out amongst the Whitsunday Islands. Opting to stay on your yacht for an extra night will give you the opportunity to enjoy this delightful corner of the Whitsundays at an extremely affordable rate.





Join us at Shute Harbour before you embark on your bareboating adventure

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