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Chalkies Beach, A local favourite

Find out why Chalkies Beach, also known as Stockyard Beach, is the place locals will tell you to visit.

On the western coast of Haslewood Island, you will find the delightful Chalkies Beach.

Sitting opposite Whitehaven Beach, Chalkies shares the same famous pure white silica sand. The beach is gorgeous and a great place to visit if you want to avoid tour groups on Whitehaven. 

Locals will tell you that Chalkies Beach is better than Whitehaven. The fringing reefs are more interesting, the beach is expansive and pristine l, and of course, the water is equally clear and tempting. Plus, there's the advantage of not being on everyone's bucket list, so it’s more likely you will find a slice of paradise to yourself.


Chalkies Beach

How Chalkies Beach got its name

Chalkies is a relatively new name for the beach. According to Wikipedia, Chalkies was named after a local businessman, David Hutchen, who visit the beach as a destination in day cruises. The name comes from Hutchen's use of a blackboard for scorekeeping in beer-drinking contests following the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. How Australian!

Things to do at Chalkies Beach

Walking Trail & Lookout

The newest walking trail to be installed on the Whitsundays is the Haslewood Island Lookout trail, accessed from Chalkies Beach.

Take a marked, 300m hike up the hill from the beach to a rocky headland. You will pass through a shaded forest of eucalypts and grasstrees before being rewarded with spectacular views looking back to Whitehaven and Whitsunday Island.


Chalkies is a popular snorkelling site. The northern end of the beach is where the best coral and fish can be seen, especially on a low to mid-tide.  hawksbill and green turtles frequent the area, listen for the sound they make when they come up for air and keep an eye out when snorkelling.

Chalkies Beach Whitsundays


Chalkies is zoned for fishing, but the best fishing spot on Haselwood Island is around the corner at Windy Bay where you’re likely to catch giant trevally.

Catch a Sunset

Chalkie’s beach is an excellent place for sunsets. One of the best parts of every day while sailing the Whitsundays is sitting on the back deck, having a drink (if that’s your thing) and watching the sun go down. The sunset view from the Chalkie’s mooring is over Whitsunday Island; it's beautiful to watch the changing light across the water.

Chalkies Beach Haselwood Island

Mooring for Bareboats at Chalkies

Chalkies is a great place to spend a night during a barebaot charter. The beach is approximately two miles east from Whitehaven, so if you want to visit this famous location during your sailing holiday Chalkies can be a great logistical stopover.

There are ten public moorings available at Chalkies. Bareboat Charters are not permitted to anchor due to the steep drop off and fringing reef.

Spend the night here if you want protection from east and south-east winds.






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