Australia Bucket List: Once in a Lifetime Experiences


Wondering what to add to your bucket list for Australia? Experiences that might seem like they cost you an arm and a leg at the time, but you look back and think I'm so glad I did that - This post is for you.

Every traveller has those experiences they didn’t do. At the time, it seemed too expensive, or too indulgent. You’ve probably said more than once,  “I’ll do it next time”. But next time never comes and in hindsight, you end up wishing you jumped on those bucket list activities when you had the chance.

The list below contains some great tips on finding incredible experiences around Australia. From amazing natural attractions, adrenaline-pumping action and close encounters with incredible wild animals, you will find it hard to keep your wish list manageable!

These bucket list items have been suggested by travel bloggers and people currently travelling around Australia. Some of the experiences you will have heard of, others are lesser-known – all suggestions have great advice and tips. Enjoy!

Once in a Lifetime Experiences for your Australia Bucket List

Spend the night on the Great Barrier Reef

Dive Great Barrier Reef Australia Bucket List

Visiting the Great Barrier Reef is one of the best things to do in Cairns if not all of Australia!  It’s definitely one of those once in a lifetime experiences that everyone should have on their Australia bucket list.

The Great Barrier Reef is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it’s also the only living structure on Earth that is visible from outer space!  Furthermore, the diverse range of aquatic critters and great year-round visibility make it the perfect place to snorkel or scuba dive.

However, the best way to really explore the Great Barrier Reef is to stay overnight there.  Spending the night on the reef is a truly incredible experience.  Witness the sunset over the ocean then the sky comes alive with millions of stars, before being lulled to sleep by the gentle lapping of waves against the boat or pontoon. It also allows the chance for a night dive for a completely different reef view.

There are two options for staying overnight on the Great Barrier Reef; a liveaboard or pontoon.  A liveaboard offers much more flexibility and allows you to visit different dive sites based on current conditions.  They also tend to have smaller numbers of people on-board.

Pontoons are at a fixed site so offer less flexibility.  However, the plus side to this is that they often offer additional amenities and activities to make your experience even more unforgettable.  These vary depending on the company but can include water slides, underwater observatories, semi-submersible boats, glass-bottom boats and even scenic flights to experience this incredible wonder from above. 

Check with individual providers to see what extra activities you can add to make it a truly once in a lifetime experience.

Contribution by Sophie and Adam
From We Dream of Travel

See Uluru and experience the Sound of Silence Dinner

Bucket LIst Australia Uluru

Uluru, the giant monolith in the heart of Australia’s Red Centre, is the most memorable place I have visited in Australia, and I am an Aussie who has explored almost the entire country. Sometimes these special places don’t live up to expectations, but in this case, Uluru exceeded them.

Located in the middle of Australia, Uluru is roughly a 3-4-hour flight from any of the capital cities to reach Yulara, the town that is the base for your visit.

The best time to visit is spring but most of the year is fine. However, we recommend you avoid visiting in summer when daily highs of 38 degrees Celsius are frequent. Once temperatures reach this level, it becomes too hot to join walks or explore the Rock, and the tracks are often closed by 11 am for safety.

There are lots of memorable experiences on offer here, everything from helicopter flights to walking around the base of Uluru at sunrise. It can be hard to choose which ones to include – ideally you will stay three days at Yulara so you have time to enjoy a variety of them. 

One thing that I highly recommend make your to-do list is an Uluru sunset dinner. If the budget stretches book the Sounds of Silence dinner, a very special treat. You begin with predinner drinks at a lookout that takes in both Uluru and Kuta Tjuta before moving to your outdoor restaurant complete with candlelight and white tablecloths.

After a delicious three-course buffet and a couple of hours enjoying an open bar, you are treated to a short talk about the night sky followed by a chance to get a close-up view on the telescopes.

They also offer more affordable sunset BBQs and sunrise breakfasts; we recommend all three if you can manage it!

Contribution by Paula Morgan
From Australia Your Way

Meet a quokka on Rottnest Island

Australia Bucket LIst Quokka

Western Australia is famous for its beautiful white-sand beaches and blue waters. It’s a fair statement after road-tripping from Esperance to Perth, but Rottnest Island has some of the most stunning beaches I’ve seen in WA.

February is a good time to do a day trip to Rottnest Island from Perth, as it’s at the end of summer and less busy.

The ferry from the mainland costs around 70 AUD return and it is also possible to add a 30 AUD bike hire to explore the island. For two people it will cost around 200AUD for the day trip, not including food and drinks on the island. Although it seems like a small island, you will need the entire day to explore. Get the earliest ferry there and the latest ferry back!

Once on the island, head to the main square to stock up on food and drinks. Grab a map and start cycling around the island. It gets very hot so be sure to take plenty of water.

The highlight really is the adorable animals here – the quokkas! These small furry mammals are best found in the shade of bushes and trees. A top tip – on the path up to the Wadjemup lighthouse there are lots of quokkas to be seen. Good luck getting a quokka selfie, it isn’t easy!

A few tips for your bucket list adventure to Rottnest:

  • Kalli’s on Rotto makes a great quick lunch outside the lighthouse.
  • The best beaches on Rottnest Island include Salmon beach and Little Salmon beach.
  • The longest cycling route takes around 3-5 hours and the Rottnest sunsets are beautiful, so if you can stay the night then that would be ideal! 

Contribution By Hanna Thomas
From Solar Powered Blonde

Sail the Whitsunday Islands

Bucket LIst Australia Sailing Whitsundays

When it comes to amazing bucket list experiences in Australia, sailing in the Whitsundays sets the bar. This beautiful group of islands is located off the coast of Queensland, inside the Great Barrier Reef.

There are many sailing and boat tours from Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island as well as the option to charter your own private yacht or catamaran. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need a license to charter a yacht in the Whitsundays!

If you are a bit short on time and can’t afford to go on a multi-day charter, opt for a day trip. The most popular day tours are to the famous Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet with its jaw-dropping views. There are, however, day cruises which can take you to do and see many things around the islands. You can go snorkelling near Hook Island, go sea-kayaking in secluded coves, hike on Daydream island and of course, enjoy relaxing on Hamilton Island.

On a private yacht charter, you’re able to sail for several days and see the best sites of the Whitsundays.

Snorkelling is a must-do in the Whitsundays. There are countless snorkelling spots and you will be mind-blown by the beauty of the ecosystem. Corals, clownfish, turtles… everything you expect to see at the Great Barrier Reef is found around the islands.

Kayaking is also something you should consider doing on your private charter. You will get to see turtles and stingrays swimming under your kayak!

There is something magical about sailing in the Whitsundays. Looking at the sunset over the islands, waking up and catching a glimpse of dolphins jumping at sunrise… No words can describe how amazing sailing the Whitsundays on a charter is; definitely a bucket list experience.

Contribution By Pauline Vergnet
From Bee Loved City

Experience the fabulous Sydney Mardi Gras

Australia Bucket LIst - Sydney Mardi Gras

Bold, brilliant, brash, and utterly fabulous, Sydney is one of the most iconic cities in Australia. There are so many fun things to do in Sydney, but the ‘once in a lifetime experience’ everyone should try to attend is Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

An annual LGBT pride parade and festival takes place in February and March each year. Hundreds of thousands of people flock here for the two-week-long spectacle of parties, exhibitions, shows, performances, and talks where freedom and queerdom are celebrated.

Whether you’re a Pride newbie or a seasoned queen, queer, or an ally, you’ll have a fantastic time during your visit and quickly see that Sydney knows how to throw one epic party! The highlight of the entire festival has to be the nighttime parade that goes for over 6 hours, with about 300,000 spectators and 12,000 participants. It is nothing short of incredible – and something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Sydney Mardi Gras is an absolutely enormous night, so plan carefully. I suggest getting a good night’s sleep beforehand and to come early to claim a good spot. There are ticketed sections, so if you’re the prepared type, it’s an excellent idea to purchase those.

If you have a connection and can march in the parade, go for it – but even if you are just watching, you should be dressed up. This is one of the rare moments where you can’t go ‘over-the-top’, so grab your glitter, fluro lycra, or most fabulous outfit and get ready to dive into the craziness of Mardi Gras in Sydney.

Contribution by Jordan Adkins
From Inspired By Maps

Take a scenic flight over Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Rangers

Australia Bucket List Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges are five hours north of Adelaide and feature long, striking mountain ranges and spectacular gorges. It is an area of great natural beauty with jagged peaks set against the red of the outback.

The centrepiece of the Flinders is the crater-like Wilpena Pound; a 15-kilometre long oval-shaped, mountain range. There are lookouts from where you can take in the spectacle, but taking to the air is the best way to appreciate it and the surrounding ranges.

Flights over Wilpena Pound are available from nearby Rawnsley Park Station and Hawker. Our 30-minute flight left from Wilpena Pound Resort. At 3000 feet you cruise along the ridgelines and get a great sense of its unusual size and shape.

The flight is the perfect way to see the surrounding Heysen, ABC, Elder and Chase Ranges. You also catch a glimpse of the impressive Parachilna, Bunyeroo and Brachina Gorges. When you get back on the ground, these are three areas you should drive through as well.

Summer in the Flinders can be hot and the flights a bit bumpier. Morning flights can not only be smoother but in the early light, the red rock walls almost glow. It is like you’re looking down on the surface of another planet.

Flights start with 20-minute options. That is plenty of time to see the impressive Wilpena Pound, the adjacent ranges and the nearby salt lakes. Longer flights are also available. Our favourite thing about the flight was that because you are relatively low, you feel like you can reach out and touch the peaks.

When you get to the Flinders Ranges, put a scenic flight on your itinerary. It is a wonderful way to see this beautiful landscape.

Contribution by Natalie & Steve
From Curious Campers

Visit Kakadu National Park and spot saltwater crocs

Australia Bucket List Kakadu

Kakadu National Park is an iconic Australian wilderness located within a 3-hr scenic drive from Darwin. Stretching over nearly 20,000 square kilometres, which is roughly the size of Slovenia, Kakadu is the largest National Park in Australia.

Kakadu is home to an incredible abundance of wildlife including about 10,000 of Australia’s most ferocious predators and the world’s largest reptiles – the saltwater crocodiles. These ancient reptiles can grow to over 7 meters in length and weigh up to 1,000 kilograms. Big enough to bring down a buffalo.

Practically any body of water in Kakadu is likely to conceal the crocs, but the best and safest way to see them is on the Yellow Water Billabong cruise. A billabong is an Aussie term for any watercourse that only runs after rain.

Much of Kakadu is taken up by the seasonal wetlands that swell up after the monsoonal rains between December and March. If you visit Kakadu in late April-May, your Yellow Water cruise will start with a mesmerizing cruise through the flooded forest where White-bellied sea eagles build their huge nests right above your head.

Out on the open billabong, crocodiles are everywhere: in the water, on the banks, in the patches of water lilies. And from the safety of the boat, you can watch them at uniquely close range. Just imagine being a few meters away from an ancient apex predator with a taste for human flesh. This is not an experience you would forget anytime soon.

Yellow Water cruises are available all year round with different seasons providing different spectacles. If you are going to visit only one National Park in Australia, make it the amazing Kakadu.

Contribution by Margarita Steinhardt
From The Wildlife Diaries

Go glamping at the Bungle Bungles

Bucket List Australia The Bungle Bungles

The Kimberly region in northern Western Australia, specifically the Bungle Bungles, are an amazing natural formation to see and something you won’t see anywhere else in Australia. Imagine visiting the location while glamping it up in one of their stylish tented cabins equip with en-suite bathrooms.

This area of Australia is not the easiest to get to, in fact, you need a four-wheel-drive to get to the Bungle Bungles. This also means that the accommodation options are either camping or caravanning.  Lucky for you, there are fixed or tented cabins available which not only provide the perfect accommodation but allow you to enjoy the park without having to rough it!

Purnululu National Park is about 240,000 hectares and mainly consists of The Bungle Bungles. These beehive-shaped Domes are made up of sandstone, pebbles and boulders cemented together by finer materials. Active faults altered the landscape and deposited these materials over 300 million years ago making The Bungle Bungles that you enjoy seeing today.

Whilst in the Park, make sure you also visit Cathedral Gorge. This is a red rock amphitheatre formed by water pounding through this area in the wet season. Try your hand at singing while there and listen to the hypnotic echoes and amplified noise.

At night while staying in your tented cabin, listen to the wildlife surrounding you like wallaby’s, crickets, birds or even lizards running around. If not for that, you’re also in a low light pollution area which is awesome for watching the stars.

Visiting in May is normally the best time to experience the Bungle Bungles, although June to August is also good, just a little colder. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience to visit this area!

The Bungle Bungles are a truly unique land formation in Australia, up there with Uluru, visiting them should definitely be on your bucket list.

Contribution by Chris Fry
From Aquarius Travelle

Take The Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin

Ausralia Bucket List The Ghan Train

With a six-week trip to Australia on the horizon, I wanted to book something that was a real once-in-a-lifetime activity and I was willing to spend the dollars to tick an amazing experience off my bucket list. That experience was a rail journey from Darwin to Adelaide aboard the famous train simply known as The Ghan.

I had chosen The Ghan as a way of travelling the vast length of Australia by a method other than flying. Three days and two nights would be spent travelling through the well-known locations of Katherine and Alice Springs before arriving in Adelaide.

The Ghan is pricey, that’s for sure, but she isn’t any normal train. She is one of a kind and offers luxury service, fine dining, comfortable cabins, and on-route destination activities for the discerning traveller.

Our twin cabin was configured with bunks, but double beds are available and both layouts have en-suite bathrooms and a large window to watch the centre of Australia pass us by – how cool is that!

Meals were taken in the dining carriage and the food was out of this world – all washed down with the best Australian wines.

Stops on-route took us to Katherine Gorge where we were taken on a tour of the river and told about the ecology and nature of the area and Alice Springs where we were taken on a full tour of all the essential stops including the famous flying school and Anzac Hill.

The rail journey did cost an arm and a leg but sometimes you just know that the memories will outweigh the price you paid and The Ghan certainly did just that to allow me a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Australia.

Contribution by Angela Price
From Where Angie Wanders

Swim with humpback whales in Exmouth

Australia Bucket List Swim with Humpback Whales

The opportunity to swim with Humpback Whales seemed frightening but so unique it was a chance we just couldn’t refuse.  We were in Exmouth Western Australia, home to some of Australia’s most spectacular coastline thanks to the amazing Ningaloo Reef.

Our tour was with Ocean Eco Tours who were fantastic. They took us for a quick snorkel over the reef prior to heading out with the Humpback Whales. Once we were out in the ocean a Gyrocopter above would signal to the boat of an approaching Humpback Whale that fitted the profile of one we might be able to swim with.

They weren’t looking for whales that were excited and playing, instead just ones that were passively swimming by without slapping tails and jumping from the water.

We were separated into groups and one at a time we would jump off the back of the boat into the ocean waters and wait, hoping the Whale was inquisitive enough to swim by to check us out.

Being in the ocean with a whale was exhilarating. When our first experience of a Humpback Whale coming up close and swimming by underneath us occurred we all went hysterical with excitement at what we had just experienced.

Due to the Humpback Whale migration season, swimming with Humpbacks in Exmouth is only available from the beginning of August until the end of October. Everything is supplied on the day including a great lunch plus a wetsuit and snorkel gear.  We were also provided excellent professional photos of our day. 

On our way back the skipper stopped in the bay to see wild dolphins at play and more Humpback Whales up close while they jumped and played around us. 

It truly was a once in a lifetime, bucket list experience and one we will never ever forget. 

Contribution By Kevin Hockey
From Indefinite Leave

See the colours of Esperance from above

Australia Bucket LIst Scenic Flight Esperance


Esperance is a small coastal town on the south coast of Western Australia, in the Golden Outback region 7 hours drive from Perth. Known for its incredible beaches and unforgettable natural landscape, one of the most unique, once in a lifetime activities well worth the price tag is a scenic flight from Esperance over Lake Hillier and the Recherche Archipelago.

During your scenic flight, you’ll fly over the bubblegum-pink waters of Lake Hillier which is found on Middle Island. For most visitors, this is the top attraction and absolutely the highlight of the flight. Throughout the rest of the flight, you’ll get the chance to see Esperance from a unique aerial perspective, and see the sprawling islands of the Recherche Archipelago. You’ll also see Cape Le Grand National Park from the skies, including the dazzling white sands of Lucky Bay and the striking Frenchman Peak standing tall among the bushland. Of course, the endless coastline is lapped with the gorgeous blue waters the whole way too.

What I loved most about the scenic flight is how much you’ll learn about the amazing scenery below. The pilot will share tidbits of information and lesser-known facts about the various islands and share the history and stories of the area. Our pilot was incredibly attentive and made sure every side of the plane got their chance for a good look at the views. She pointed out all the highlights along the way and even suggested keeping our eyes peeled for whales and sharks. If you visit during whale season in the winter months, you have a better chance of spotting them.

This experience is not only unique because of the sights you’ll see, but also the exclusivity of it. The small plane carries just 7 passengers plus the pilot, making the time spent in the air that little bit extra special. I’d highly recommend adding this activity to your Australian bucket list! 

Contribution by Suzy Whittle
From Suzy Stories

Cuddle a koala

Australia Bucket List - Cuddle a Koala

Koalas are so cute and cuddly so it’s only natural that getting the chance to hug one is at the top of every tourist’s Bucket List when they visit Australia. However, having your photo taken while cuddling a koala isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.

Holding a koala is actually illegal in most states of Australia, with the only three states where it is possible being South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia.

Research has found that being held is quite stressful for koalas and that there is a risk of infection being passed on to them by humans. Even those states that do allow contact with a koala it is generally quite limited.

If the organisation’s main aim is to protect the well-being of the koala then it is more likely to be a ‘hold’ with minimal contact and the animal resting on your outstretched palms rather than a ‘cuddle’. Responsible animal keepers try to keep contact with non-zoo staff to a minimum to avoid putting the koalas into a stressful situation.

Once you’ve made the choice between animal ethics vs. Instagram fame, there are plenty of options out there and the experience will cost you anywhere from $20 – $50.

Here is a list of locations where you can have your photo taken holding a koala:


  • Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast
  • Billabong Sanctuary, Townsville
  • Cooberrie Park, Cooberrie
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Gold Coast
  • Dreamworld, Gold Coast
  • Kuranda Koala Gardens
  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane
  • Paradise Country Aussie Farm, Gold Coast
  • Rainforestation Nature Park, Kuranda
  • Wildlife Habitat, Port Douglas
  • WILD LIFE Hamilton Island, Whitsundays

South Australia

  • Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park
  • Cleland Wildlife Park 
  • Gorge Wildlife Park

Western Australia

  • Cohunu Koala Park

Contribution by Susan Gan
From Thrifty at Fifty

Take a helicopter flight over the Twelve Apostles

Australia Bucket List Scenic Flight

Off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, the 12 Apostles visited by thousands of travellers each year are actually 7 limestone stacks up to 50m high.

Once part of the coastline, created through thousands of years of erosion, each now stands isolated in the Southern Ocean. There had been 8 limestone stacks, however, in 2005 one collapsed giving a sense that these natural beauties are not here forever.

There are a number of vantage points on land for viewing the Apostles, the best, however, is from out over the ocean looking back towards the rugged coast and the only way to get this view is from a helicopter or small plane.

12 Apostle Helicopters run joy flights from the 12 Apostle site starting from $190 per person for 15 minute flight time. The small red helicopters seat three passengers, one up front next to the pilot and two in the rear with large windows allow for an uninterrupted view. You are also given headphones to wear to hear the pilot’s commentary. 

On taking off the ground below falls away and within a very short amount of time you are flying out over the ocean and along the coastline. The view is spectacular and with only a precious few minutes of flight time, there is a strong sense of excitement and not wanting to miss anything! Truly it is the view of the 7 standing 12 Apostles all in one uninterrupted view from the helicopter that makes the flight worth the money.

Of course, take photos, but also take the time just to see it with your own eye (not through a device or camera). Taking in the coast from a chopper is something you won’t forget or regret. 

Contribution by Emma Kelly
From Our Wayfaring Life

Cage dive with Great White Sharks at Port Lincoln

Australia Bucket List Cage Dive Sharks

There are only three places in the world to shark cage dive with Great White Sharks, and Port Lincoln in South Australia is one of them. Cage diving with sharks is definitely an experience for your Australia bucket list!

Located at the bottom of Eyre Peninsula, it’s a three-hour boat ride out to the Neptune Islands where great white sharks can be found year-round, thanks to the huge sea lion colony that calls the islands home.

There are two companies that run shark tours out of Port Lincoln as a day tour, and another company that runs multi-day tours out of Adelaide with the purpose of cage diving with the sharks. Most people take the day trip from Port Lincoln.

Options are available to suit the needs of anyone with a sense of adventure. Anyone can jump into the cage that sits just below the waterline to watch the sharks come by. If you have your scuba qualifications, there is another option that allows you to go in a cage that descends to the seafloor, 18 meters below the surface.  If you want to keep dry, there is also a glass sub available that sits below the waterline between the back of the boat and the cage, allowing fantastic views of people in the cage and any passing sea life. This is perfect for those not comfortable in the water or for children that are too small.

While available all year, the diving takes place in the Southern Ocean, which can be quite rough and cold in winter, so it is most popular in summer.

Contribution By Josie Kelsh
From Josie Wanders

Fly over Horizontal Falls from Broome

Bucket List Australia Horizontal Falls

Wow wow wow!!

What else can I say! Horizontal Falls you blew our minds!

I had always heard of the Horiztonal Falls tour, and while it sounded pretty cool, for me I just couldn’t justify the $3000 price tag we had always been told for just some “rapids”.

My interest spiked when we headed up to Broome and a couple of the other travelling families did the tour and put in up on their socials… I guess it looked kinda cool?  After discussing it together we were both keen but weren’t sure about taking the kids… in stepped the legends from travelling family Twelve Feet Around Oz, who offered to look after the kids for the day.

Without taking the kids it was only $830 per adult, which was much more affordable. When you take a look at what was included it was a pretty good price really.

We opted for the PM tour with Horizontal falls so we could fly back as the sun starts to set over Cable Beach.  It’s a great time to go as you don’t get picked up until 11.30 am so you even get to sleep in!

The tour starts from Broome airport flying up over Cape Leveque, past the Buccaneer Archipelago and then landing in the seaplane in Talbot Bay.

The 900hp boat then takes you through both the wide and small Horizontal Falls multiple times… a totally unreal experience.  There really isn’t any words to describe it other than WOW!!

I thought it would be a relaxing day out – but it was the funniest, most exhilarating day ever; topped off by the best lunch which was freshly cooked barramundi.

My husband took a dip in the boats croc/shark free cage to watch the local shark get fed their lunch! Such a cool bonus for the trip.

We had a fantastic day out and would highly recommend the Horizontal Falls tour to anyone looking for a “bucket list splurge” while on their lap!

Contribution By Bec
From Towns Travel Oz – Follow them on Facebook & Insta 

See Kangaroos on the beach at Cape Hillsborough National Park

Bucket List Australia Kangaroo on beach

Approximately 50km north of Mackay, Queensland, in the Cape Hillsborough National Park, you will share a spectacular sunrise with some friendly locals.

Arriving on the beach just before the crack of dawn, you’ll be greeted by the local Eastern Grey Kangaroos and Wallabies, grazing on the mangrove seed pods and seaweed that washed up overnight. It really is a magical experience and a spectacular photo opportunity. Don’t be late or you might miss the best part as the sun creeps over the horizon.

The kangaroos are extremely quiet and don’t mind an audience at all, but be mindful to do your bit in keeping it that way. As tempting as it might be, don’t try to pat them, and it goes without saying, do not feed them. It’s best to let them do their own thing so that we can continue to visit the area in the years to come.

If you aren’t travelling with animals, you can stay close by at the Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park, but because we’re travelling with our pooch, we ended up at Halliday Bay Golf Club and RV Park, which was a beautiful spot, with a great happy hour! The short 10-minute drive to the National Park was fine for us as it gave us time to have our morning coffee on the way.

Overall, it was a great experience and we are very glad that we took the time to go. We have a 2-year-old and a 6-year-old who enjoyed it just as much as we did. We highly recommend adding a stopover at Cape Hillsborough National Park to your Australia bucket list,  with or without children.

Contribution By Rhianna Morgan

From The Travel Deens – Follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Go wine tasting in the famous Yarra Valley wine region

Australia Bucket List Yarra Valley Wine

Victoria is a must stop when it comes to visiting Australia. But the true gem of the experience is heading outside of Melbourne’s CBD, and out into the townships east of the city during the warmer months.

As a local who was born and raised in Melbourne’s South-Eastern suburbs, a day or weekend out in the Yarra Valley wine country and neighbouring Dandenong Ranges is a must. It’s where we take visitors and take staycations ourselves!

The Yarra Valley is accessible by car or better yet – a private bus tour so you can enjoy all the wine on offer in this region; many which are world-renowned.

Wineries that are a great place to begin your wine tasting include Yering Station, Coombe, Balgownie, Chandon, Greenstone, Helen & Joey and TarraWarra Estate.

If you like a good red – the Tempranillo from Innocent Bystander is a must-try. If you like Gin, then don’t miss Four Pillars – globally voted as the world’s best in 2019 is also a necessary detour.

For food, Yarra Glen is a great place to try, with a historic favourite being the Yarra Glen Café which was once an old homestead house. The Devonshire tea with scones is delicious. Healesville is also a really popular township to stop in on too.

It is best to do an overnight in the area based on what wineries and scenery is on offer. One way to be a little off-grid and surrounded by nature is to stay in a Shacky or tiny home accommodation. Staying in this quirky, unique accommodation is a really unforgettable treat. 

Contribution by Toni Frazer
From Enchanted Serendipity

See the most photographed beach in Australia from a seaplane

Whitehaven Beach plane

There’s no denying it, Whitehaven Beach would have to be the most photographed beach in Australia and is famous for having the whitest and finest sand.

The sand doesn’t retain heat and is composed of 98 per cent silica which is often likened to a fine powder. Whitehaven Beach is a 7 km stretch of sand along Whitsunday Island, on the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. It is accessible by boat, seaplane and helicopter and various other day tours from Airlie Beach.

If you’re prepared to splash out and spoil yourself, you can view the incredible colours of Whitehaven and the surrounding islands from the air. Flights can be organised from Airlie Beach or from either Hamilton or Hayman Islands. It’s also possible to arrange a seaplane to pick you up from your yacht charter! If it’s a special occasion you can customise your trip with a picnic lunch on Whitehaven.

To experience Whitehaven Beach from the ground, Hill Inlet lookout is definitely the best option.

Ocean Rafting and various other companies, conduct day tours that take you snorkelling in Chance Bay then you hike up to Hills Inlet where you can take in the sheer beauty of Whitehaven Beach. The tour allows 30 mins or so to take photos and enjoy the amazing view.  The boat then drives around and picks you up below Hills Inlet and takes you over to Whitehaven Beach to enjoy a buffet lunch and time to enjoy a few hours swimming and walking on Whitehaven Beach.

There is a good chance you may encounter sea turtles while swimming off Whitehaven. Take your snorkel gear and snorkel straight off Whitehaven Beach, you won’t be disappointed. 

Contribution by Sally Lucas
From Our Three Kids V The World

Take the ultimate road trip up the breathtaking WA coast

Australia Bucket List WA sunset

Sometimes all you want to do to feel free is to go for a long drive. Wherever you live, the appeal of a long ribbon of road that stretches endlessly in front of your eyes is undeniable. Driving holidays are a wonderful way of discovering new places with total freedom.

Australia is a dream destination for many and it’s incredibly easy to hit the road. If such an adventure is on your bucket list, Western Australia is probably the best place for a road trip. With good quality roads, not much traffic and a coast dotted with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Western Australia is a dream road trip destination.

Whether you head north or south, you are guaranteed to discover beautiful and diverse scenery. Western Australia delivers unique wildlife encounters, with fascinating and sometimes larger than life animals. Fishing adventures can also be out of this world, with the possibility of scoring huge fish and delicious seafood.

With its rugged and dry coast, Western Australia is also a paradise for photographers. Sunsets are famous around the world and you won’t want to miss a romantic beach walk (or camel ride) at dusk.

The South West of Western Australia is a foodie’s paradise with carefully crafted food and some of the best wines in Australia. Whatever your interests are, a road trip in Western Australia will leave you exhilarated, with the impression of having visited a unique and remote part of the world.

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Sailing Vacation Inspiration and Tips

Sailing Vacation Inspiration and Tips

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Where to charter a yacht in Queensland

Where to charter a yacht in Queensland

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