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Check availability and get a price

Prices are seasonal and may fluctuate with demand

Rates shown are for direct bookings only

When booking, remember the value increases with duration - the longer the charter, the better the rate

Peak Season

18th September - 9th October 2020
18th December - 7th January 2020

Mid Season

3rd April - 30th April 2020
26th June - 17th September 2020
10th October - 31st October 2020
1st April - 21st April 2021

Low Season

11th January - 2nd April 2020
1st May - 25th June 2020
1st November - 17th December 2020
8th January - 31st March 2021

Vessels are priced from as low as $60 per person per night, when chartering for 10 nights, with 7 friends.