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Visiting the Ngaro Cultural Site

This month we spoke to Joscelyn, who took five younger crew members to see the Ngaro Cultural walk while on a family bareboat charter.

We recently enjoyed a few nights out on charter in very patchy weather, so in between the showers we had to think of fun things to do with the five young children we had onboard. Not that it is hard to think of fun things to do in the Whitsundays, but the littlies can be a tough crowd so the pressure was on!

Day one was spent snorkelling and beachcombing at Blue Pearl Bay, day two we had a great sail down to Nara Inlet and then set out exploring the inlet. We anchored at anchorage 1 in Nara Inlet (C10b 100 Magic Miles), right down the bottom just opposite the small beach which provides the access the Ngaro Sea Trail bushwalking track.

Nara Inlet The Whitsundays

We all hopped in the tender in between the rain showers and set off to explore the Ngaro Cultural Site and sea trail bushwalk.

The track starts steeply with some rock steps and then merges into a gradual bush track. The kids had a great time exploring the track and finding unusual plants and insects along the way. We spotted some beautiful butterflies and a host of cockatoos were watching us from their vantage point overlooking the inlet.

The track itself is about 180m and a really nice walk through tropical rainforest, most places protected from the weather by the rainforest canopy above.The Ngaro Cultural Site is at the end of the bush track.

At the beginning of the cultural site, there is a really interesting interpretive display, where you can listen to audio stories narrated by elders of the Ngaro tribe. The stories contain information about our local indigenous history, what life was like in the Whitsunday islands many years ago, what the Whitsunday land means to the Ngaro people and how they used to live off the land.

There is a wooden boardwalk which leads up to the viewing area and the cave paintings, with information boards throughout describing their meaning and history. The cave paintings have been well preserved and the kids were very impressed and took turns in guessing what the images meant.

The cultural site and bushwalk were a great way for the kids to learn something about the traditional owners of the Whitsundays and the views back down the inlet were breathtaking (even in the rain!). We would highly recommend this stop on your charter, for young & old alike!

Happy and safe sailing,

Joscelyn (Captain Mike's First Mate!)




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A couple on a boardwalk in a tropical Whitsunday forest

Wander along a scenic bush track to get to the Ngaro Cultural Site, an educational display showcasing the history of the Whitsundays' original inhabitants.