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Booking a sailing course before your bareboat charter will ensure you make the most out of your experience.


Sailing courses are a great way to prepare a novice crew to operate a vessel for their bareboat holiday. The more prepared a group is for a bareboat charter, the more they will have peace of mind and confidence on the water.

While you don’t need to know how to sail when you hire a bareboat, you can simply cruise with the motor on; putting the sails up is an incredibly thrilling addition to your boating adventure.

Learn to sailing courses

Use a bareboat charter as a chance to learn to sail

At Whitsunday Rent a Yacht, we are a team of passionate sailors. We love nothing more than seeing the beaming smiles of a novice crew who were able to experience sailing for the first time.

So if you’re keen on taking your bareboat holiday up to the next level, consider doing a sailing course before your charter. You might even discover a new lifelong passion.

Sailing courses specifically for bareboat charter preparation

The skill you learn in bareboat charter preparation courses is similar to the skills you will learn in your boat briefing upon commencement of your charter. It’s fantastic to learn this stuff before you arrive, so you can brush up again and feel less “information overload” when you undergo your boat and safety briefing.

Upon completing one of the below courses, you will obtain an Introduction to Sailing – Bareboat Charter Preparation Certificate which is recognized by all reputable charter operators. The certificate will mean that your charter briefing time is reduced so you get can on the water sooner.

Bareboat Charter Preparation Course with Southern Cross Yachting, Manly Brisbane, QLD

Prepare to Charter with the Yachtmaster Sailing School, Melbourne, VIC

Introduction to Bareboat Cruising with Sandringham Yacht Club, VIC

Prepare to Charter a monohull yacht with Liquid Edge, Sydney, NSW

One Day Boat Handling Course

A one-day course is suited to those wanting to know how to pick up moorings and berth a boat. These two skills are great to know when on a bareboat charter. 

Boat Handling Course with Southern Cross Yachting, Many Brisbane, QLD

RYA Sailing Courses in the Whitsundays

Southern Cross Yachting are collaborating with Whitsunday Rent a Yacht to run 5-day Royal Yachting Association courses from July to October.

The courses depart from Shute Harbour and are live-aboard, giving participants the chance to increase their sailing knowledge while emersed in the splendor and sights of the Whitsunday Islands.

RYA Start Yachting / Crewing / Introductory Sailing Courses

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) sailing courses are suited to all levels. Those new to sailing will do the level 1 course, Competent Crew which is ideal for groups who want to learn to sail together on a bareboat charter.

If you have more experience or have completed the Competent Crew course, can do a Day Skipper course or an open water Coastal Skipper course.

Start Yachting RYA Course with Southern Cross Yachting, Manly Brisbane, QLD

Introductory Practical Course with Yachtmaster Sailing School, Melbourne, VIC

Start Yachting Weekend Course with Oceanwest Charters, Busselton, WA

Variety of sailing courses with Pacific Sailing School, Sydney, NSW

Yacht Club training options – Australia wide

Many local yacht clubs run their own sailing courses – contact your local club today to find out more or see this site – Discover Sailing website – which lists yacht club courses.

For example, the Bellerive Yacht Club in Hobart offers a range of training options for those keen to learn.

Join a Racing Crew

The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron site is a great place to start if you want to connect with crews looking for more members.

Tasmanians can check out the Derwent Sailing Squadron in Sandy Bay, Hobart.

In the Whitsundays we have the Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island Race Weeks during winter. You can connect through local Facebook pages to see who’s shouting out for a crew.

Online learning Skipper Courses

Above & Beyond Boating: Online Skipper Course – The course is directed towards new boat owners/new skippers. It covers many useful topics for charterers, however, some of the content is either not needed to charter, or could be overwhelming.

Preparing for your charter with a sailing course will give you confidence or give you a chance to increase your sailing skills and put them to the test.

If you want any more tips on sailing courses or training, get in touch with our team, they can point you in the right direction.

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