Why provision for your Whitsundays holiday


Living on a boat requires careful food and supply planning, take the pressure off and leave catering up to a Whitsundays provisioning company.

Several Whitsunday provisioning companies cater for holidays and specialise in bareboat charters. They all offer flexible packages which can be customised to fit the budget-conscious or those who want to indulge.

While provision might at first seem like a luxury, it can be a money and time saver. Below we will outline the benefits of provisioning for those embarking on a bareboat charter; however, these benefits will still apply to anyone wanting to holiday in the Whitsundays.

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What does a Provisioning Company do?

A provisioning company ordanises your vacation consumerables. They can provide ready to heat meals or platters and specific individual items such as snacks and drinks.  All you have to do is place an order online, then they deliver your meals and extra items to your boat’s kitchen before your departure.

The advantages of Provisioning for a bareboat charter

Organising provisioning before you arrive can save you money

We all know that when you shop at a supermarket, you end up walking away with a bunch of stuff you didn’t need, like that two-for-one deal on the new flavoured Tim Tams. There’s a reason that online shopping is so popular these days! When you sit in front of a computer and carefully consider what you want to buy, you have time to make sure you only buy what you need. Online ordering is a money saver and great tool for the budget-conscious.

There is an art to stocking food for a boat

A boat’s galley or kitchen is much smaller than the one you have at home. Storage, freezer and fridge space is limited not to mention the preparation area. 

Food and meals supplied by provisioning companies are prepared and packed in a way that makes the most out of vessel storage. The provision companies in the Whitsundays are experts at planning for bareboat holidays; they ensure your menu is structured in a way that has fresh, healthy meals for the duration of your trip so you won’t be eating packet noodles on the last night!

Provisioning is ideal for groups & takes the pressure off, giving you time to relax

Most people go on holiday to relax, unwind and experience the things they enjoy. A holiday should be a time to step away for the daily chores and routine. Provisioning takes the stress out of cooking after a busy day around the Islands, especially if you get the heat and eat meals.

If you’re travelling in a group, rather than burdening one person with catering or coordinating everyone to bring supplies, provisioning will feed the masses with no stress.

Fresh produce availability can be tricky in Airlie Beach

Being a regional area, Airlie Beach sometimes has shortages of certain items and a lack of quality in others such as fresh fruit, veg and meat.  We’re at the end of the line for some of the supply trucks, and sometimes deliveries don’t come in as regularly as bigger towns.

If you want to ensure you have everything your crew eats (particularly the younger ones) or you have people on board with special diets, it’s a good idea to book your food ahead to ensure you get what you need.

Provisioning saves you time and stress when you first arrive

When you’re in the planning stages of your trip you can arrange your order online, giving you time to check everything without any pressure. The provisioning company will organise everything for you so you won’t need to hire a taxi to get to the shops after a flight.

All provision companies deliver to our vessels or Airlie Beach accommodation so that when you arrive, you can relax into your Whitsundays adventure.

Reduced waste and save money on unnecessary items

We regularly see charterers who choose to self-shop ending up with too much of some things and not enough of others. Whitsunday’s provisioning companies are experts at stocking boats; they know all about portion control, what’s suitable for boat meals, and what lasts. Wasteful shopping is an unnecessary expense and another reason taking the time to plan your provisioning will help your budget.


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Whitsundays Provisioning Companies We Recommend

Both of these trusted providers deliver to your vessel on check-in at Shute Harbour.

Whitsunday Provisioning

Whitsunday Provisioning is a one-stop-shop for provisioning your holiday. You tell them everything you need from food and pantry staples to drinks

(alcoholic & non-alcoholic) and they source it for you.

Whitsundays Provisioning offers a flexible service. They specialise in packages which cater for absolutely everything you need on your holiday – three meals a day, morning/afternoon teas, sundowner snacks, desserts and pantry staples. You can opt for a full or partial option, the latter being suitable if you’re planning to go out for dinner the resorts and you want to skip a few catered meals.

Other offers include meal plans in the form of self-prepare or prepared meals, a select your supermarket shop and platters. If you have an occasion or want to do something special check out the range of seafood and antipasto platters.

Deliveries are made directly to your vessel.  Food will come in syphoned ice boxes with frozen water bottles/ice packs for you to put away in your new kitchen.

Prickly Pineapple 

The Prickly Pineapple is a family-owned and operated business in the Whitsundays. They are a Gourmet Grocer procuring the freshest, premium quality produce.

The Prickly Pineapple are quality focused! They specialising in organic, artisanal, natural, local products and ready-to-eat foods meals.

The Prickly Pineapple deliveries to your boat seven days a week catering for the whole family, including:

  • Freshest Fruit and Vegetables
  • DIY meal packages
  • Snacks and staples

Both provisioning companies make it possible to customise your packages, and they cater to dietary requirements

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