Experience the ever-changing Langford Island Spit and Reef


Learn why Langford Island with it's unique sand spit is a fantastic addition to your sailing itinerary in the Whitsundays.

Langford Island, with its famous sand spit, is located close to Hayman Island and is considered a more “out of the way” spot. It’s an idyllic beach and snorkelling spot to escape crowds while cruising the Whitsundays on a bareboat.

Langford is a small, protected island with a large sandspit that disappears on high tide. The spit offers a stunning sandy spot for sunbaking and picnicking and easy, safe access to extensive coral reefs.

While the Island is small, the abundant marine life, lovely accessible hike and convenient beach make stopping off at Langford a great addition to your Whitsundays Itinerary.

Langford Isalnd

The best conditions for Langford Island

If you’re sailing the Whitsundays on a bareboat, please note that overnight stays at Langford are dependent on the conditions and that you must use a public mooring.

We recommend planning a day visit and finding an overnight anchorage around Hook or Hayman Island.

Langford is Sheltered in the South-East to West winds.

There are public moorings available – anchoring is not possible for charter vessels.

Snorkelling around Langford Spit

One of the great things about Langford is snorkelling can be done right off the length of beach. Moore the boat and take the tender ashore with your snorkelling gear. Just be mindful of your stuff and the changing tides!

The northern end of the sandspit, closest to the Island, is considered the best place for snorkelers to explore. There are some snorkelling sites along the eastern shore of the spit too.

Langford is also a well-known turtle hotspot, with many green turtles seen in the area.

Langford Island is a protected Marine National Park Green Zone, and fishing is banned.

The Best Dive Site on Langford Reef

The north-western side of the beach is an access point for scuba divers. Coral bommies create a maze and a few external walls at the eastern end of the Island.

Divers can expect moderate tidal currents and good wind protection.

Hiking Langford Island

For stunning views over to Black and Hook Island and across the sand spit of Langford Island itself, take a 20-minute walk up the Langford Island trail.

A short 300m track with a gentle incline and stone steps will take you past interruptive signs and spectacular Whitsunday Bottle trees, a species considered near-threatened and abundant on Langford.

On a low tide, it’s also possible to stroll the sandspit, a 2.3-km return walk taking about 30 mins.

Langfors Island Sandspit hike

Other things to do on Langford

  • Take a picnic on low tide
  • Play cricket on the sandspit
  • Paddleboard or kayak around the Island
  • Put the drone up from the sandspit
  • Marvel at the Whitsunday Bottle Tree, which blossom Oct – Nov
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