Exploring the 74 Whitsunday Islands


The 74 tropical islands in the Whitsundays are one of Australia's most famous natural attractions, an idyllic destination for those who want to snorkel, swim, sail, relax or soak up an island resort.

The Whitsunday Islands are located off the east coast of Queensland in Australia. Part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, each Island in the Whitsundays has a unique draw card, whether it be a stylish resort, world-famous beach, spectacular snorkelling site or views that take your breath away.

What’s constant throughout all of the islands in the Whitsunday is their natural, jaw-dropping beauty, making it easy to understand why they are a world-class destination.

In this post, we share the different ways to explore the Whitsunday Islands, unique attractions and highlight the best islands for popular activities.

Whitsunday Islands

What’s the weather like in the Whitsundays Islands?

The climate in the Whitsundays is subtropical, with the weather primarily warm and sometimes humid. There is a wet and dry season to consider, each unique benefits.

Find out more about the best time of year to travel to the Whitsundays.

How many islands are there in the Whitsundays?

The Whitsundays are a group of 74 islands stretching over 282.8 square kilometres, creating the largest group of offshore islands in the entire country.

How do I get out to the Whitsunday Islands?

The Whitsunday Islands are 54km off the Queensland coast. There are two towns that give mainland access to the Whitsundays, Shute Harbour & Airlie Beach.

Getting out to the Islands from the mainland can be done on a tour, a hired self operated smaller boat for day trips or a bareboat for those who want to explore over night.

Alternatively, access to the islands can be done from Hamilton Island, which has it’s own Airport.

We’ll cover these options below.

If you want to learn more about travelling to the Whitsundays region, check out this post on airports and public transport.

What makes the Whitsundays World-Class?

The Whitsunday Islands stand as a world-class destination due to their unparalleled natural beauty, access to the Great Barrier Reef, ideal sailing conditions, luxurious accommodation options and accessibility. These factors combine to create a destination that attracts travelers from around the world, earning the Whitsundays its well-deserved reputation as a world-class tropical paradise.

What are the main attractions in the Whitsundays

The most famous destinations among the Whitsundays Islands are:

  • Whitehaven Beach
  • The Hill Inlet Lookout
  • The ancient Nagro Art Cave in Nara Inlet
  • Hamilton, Hayman and Daydream Islands

 There are of course countless other sites to enjoy including several snorkeling and diving locations, stunning beaches and interesting hikes. The above list is simply the most famous “must-see” attractions.

Whitsunday Islands

Hire a Bareboat and explore the Whitsundays at your own pace

The Whitsunday Islands are Australia’s best sailing destination. The Great Barrier Reef offers protection from large ocean swells, which means that the Islands are protected and relatively safe for boating.

A bareboating holiday is when you and your friends hire a yacht or catamaran to live-aboard for several nights. You skipper the boat yourselves (after extensive training) and have the freedom to explore at your own pace. The boat comes fully equipped with everything you’ll need to live comfortably.

Bareboating is the ultimate way to experience the Whitsundays. You’re able to explore parts of the islands tourism crowds seldom visit, and you can soak up Island life at your leisure, snorkelling, kayaking, lazing on a beach, reading a book, hiking and cruising among the world-class Whitsundays.

Please note if you hire a bareboat there is a set cruising area around the most popular islands. You are not able to sail around every island in the archipelago.

Take a tour to the Whitsundays from Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach is the central mainland tourism hub connected to the Whitsundays. There are a plethora of tours available from Airlie to suit all interests and budgets.

Our top 5 recommended day tours to the Whitsunday Islands from Airlie Beach are:

It’s also possible to organise customised guided tours on smaller boats; This is a great way to see parts of the Islands which interest you. We recommend chatting to Mars Charters or Whitsunday Paradise Explorer.

Whitsunday Islands

Fly into Hamilton Island and explore the Whitsundays from there

Many people choose to fly to Hamilton Island for a convenient resort holiday. Hamilton Island is the largest and most central hub among the Whitsunday Islands. It’s where you can find an IGA, loads of accommodation options, restaurants and of course tours out the Islands or Great Barrier Reef.

Those sailing the Whitsundays or on a bareboat charter can book a berth at the Hamilton Island Marina, giving them access to the Islands facilities. There are pleanty of activities to do on Hamilton Island, from ten-pin bowling, to the koala sanctuary, to spa treatments to enjoying the many pools and hikes.

Islands in the Whitsundays with accommodation

In early 2022, only four of the 74 Whitsunday islands are inhabited; Daydream, Hayman, Hamilton and  Long Island.

The remaining 70 islands in the Whitsundays are completely deserted, with 32 forming the Whitsunday Islands National Park. The low occupancy rate within the Whitsundays makes them naturally spectacular to explore.

Long Isalnd Whitsundays Palm Bay Resort Accommodation

The best Island in the Whitsundays for natural attractions

The most popular deserted Island in the Whitsundays is  Whitsunday Island, home to the world-famous Whitehaven Beach, the Hill Inlet Lookout and several hikes through stunning National Parks.

There are some quality anchorages and coves around Whitsunday Island offering protection from most winds for those cruising the Islands on a yacht.

The best “action-based” resort island in the Whitsundays

Hamilton Island is the most famous island in the Whitsundays; it’s also the only island with an airport. “Hammo”, as many people call it, has accommodation to cater for all budgets, a plethora of restaurants, bars, pools open to everyone and shops. There’s a resort vibe no matter where you go on the Island; perhaps the gold buggy transport adds to this!

Those looking for adventure or things to do with the kids will find hikes, a koala reserve, ten pin bowling, water sport activities from Catseye Beach and access to various tours around the Islands or to the Outer Great Barrier Reef.

We’ve created a list with our top 15 things to do on Hamilton Island.

The best Island in the Whitsundays to relax in luxury

Hayman Island is home to the InterContinental Resort.

The 168 guest rooms, suites and villas of the InterContinental Hayman Island Resort sit among panoramic ocean views, tropical rainforests and spectacular swimming pools, all while maintaining a luxurious private feel.

Hayman Island is about offering a “private island experience and sacred moments of connection with family, friends and yourself.” There are several ways to add touches of luxury to your stay, from spa treatments, romantic picnics on secluded beaches and private tours to other islands throughout the Whitsundays.

The Best Island in the Whitsundays for hiking

There are trails throughout the Whitsundays, all showcasing the diverse landscapes found throughout the islands. It’s worth considering all of the hiking trails on the Ngaro Sea Trail.

For those short on time, the best Islands in the Whitsundays for hiking are South Molle Islands and Whitsunday Island.

The Best Island in the Whitsundays for snorkelling

The Whitsunday Islands are part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park with fringing reefs and many snorkelling spots skirting the Islands.

Hook Island is the best Island in the Whitsundays for snorkelling. We highly recommend snorkelling at Hook Island’s Butterfly Bay, on the western reef ledge deep into the bay. Snorkelling is also great at Manta Ray Bay. Look out for the underwater sculpture!

The Best Island “Secret” Island in the Whitsundays

One of the most underrated Islands in the Whitsundays is Lindeman Island. This gem has some amazing beaches and hikes and private beaches. If you visit, you wont see any tours or crowds, in fact you might find a beach all to yourself.

Haslewood Island is another gem worth noting.

sustainable travel

Complete list of the Islands in the Whitsundays

Follow the links to articles where you can learn more about the specific island including the best ways to see it from a bareboat charter.

Please note that those sailing the Whitsundays with Whitsunday Rent a Yacht will have a set charter limit and cannot visit every Island listed below. To find out more about our charter limits, see our interactive map of the Whitsundays.

  • Hamilton Island
  • Lindeman Island
  • Baynham Island
  • Custom Island
  • Gaibirra Island
  • Keyser Island
  • Little Lindeman Island
  • Maher Island
  • Mansell Island
  • Long Island
  • Ann Island
  • Cole Island
  • Pentecost Island
  • Seaforth Island
  • Shaw Island
  • Thomas Island
  • Triangle Island
  • Volkow Island
  • Goat Island
  • Denman Island
  • North Molle Island
  • Pine Island
  • Plantation Island
  • South Molle Island
  • Gloucester Island
  • Grassy Island
  • Teague Island
  • Perseverance Island
  • Black Island
  • Bird Island
  • Workington Island
  • Wirrainbeia Island
  • Whitsunday Island
  • Titan Island
  • Border Island
  • Cid Island
  • Cowrie Island
  • Dent Island
  • Dumbell Island
  • Dongarra Island
  • Harold Island
  • Daydream Island
  • Haslewood Island
  • Hayman Island
  • Henning Island
  • Hook Island
  • Ireby Island
  • Langford Island
  • Lupton Island
  • Double Cone Island
  • Armit Island
  • Eshelby Island
  • Grassy Island
  • Gloucester Island
  • Gumbrell Island
  • Middle Island
  • Olden Island
  • Poole Island
  • Rattray Island
  • Saddleback Island
  • Stone Island
  • Nicolson Island

Exploring the 75 Islands in the Whitsundays might not be possible in one trip, which is why so many people come back to the Whitsundays year after year. If it’s your first time in the Whitsundays, pick a mix of resorts, popular attractions and at least one out of the way cove to get a feel for this special part of the world. 

Border Island; A nature lovers hotspot

Border Island; A nature lovers hotspot

Border Island is a local favourite destination in the Whitsunday Islands. It's far enough away from the day tour crowds, yet close enough to be within comfortable sailing reach. Perhaps what makes Border Island such a special place is its natural beauty:  its been...

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