Managing wifi and Phones while sailing the Whitsundays


While it can be nice to unplug from devices and phones when sailing the Whitsundays, it is handy to know your coverage should you need it.

One of the reasons the Whitsundays are so breathtaking is because most of the 74 Islands are National Parks. With natural beauty comes distance from our busy lives and all the technologies that go with it – which isn’t bad!

There is limited wifi signals and phone reception among the Whitsunday Islands, with only a few reliable hotspots in the National Parks.

Populated islands such as Hamilton, Hayman, Long and Daydream Island have Wi-Fi; however, phone reception can be a bit touch and go.


Is there mobile phone reception in the Whitsunday Islands?

Generally speaking, if you can see the mainland or Hamilton Island, you will likely have phone reception. 

Mobile reception is limited in a few locations when sailing among the islands. However, some spots on Hayman Island, Whitsunday Islands and Hook Island receive a signal. Often you can pick a signal up between anchorages.

Signal strength and data speeds will vary depending on your distance from the towers and obstructions in the way (islands etc.) There is reasonable 3G and 4G coverage in the Whitsundays. However, there are black spots on the East sides of the islands and on the outer islands.

Daydream and Hamilton Island have excellent reception coverage.

Telstra gives the strongest signal.

Where is there wifi in the Whitsundays?

There is some wifi on the populated Islands.

Hamilton Islands: For bareboat visitors, there is a wireless internet hotspot at the marina on Hamilton Island. Various resorts have their WI-FI coverage; it depends on where you stay.

Daydream Island: Daydream has free wifi in public areas

Hayman Island:  The InterContinental Hayman Island Resort offers free wifi to resort guests (accommodation booking required)

Palm Bay Resort, Long Island: At this stage, the Palm Bay Resort on Long Island does not have wifi, but they have a solid mobile signal at the front of the resort.

Elysian Retreat, Long Island: There is wifi available at the restaurant and lounge area

Airlie Beach: Most cafes in Airlie Beach have wifi.

Whitsunday Islands

Radio Calls while on a bareboat charter

All bareboats have VHF radios on board for communicating with other vessels and back to head office.

At Whitsunday Rent a Yacht, two radio scheduled calls are required daily. One in the morning before you set off and one at 3:30 pm, when you are at your next night’s destination.

Radio “scheds” are a fantastic way to get tips on the best places to go considering the weather. More importantly, they let us know that you are safe and will make safe location decisions.

Guests are welcome to use their radios to contact the base outside of the radio sched times if needed.

To learn more about how bareboating works and what to expect, read this article: The Ultimate Guide to Bareboating.

In case of an emergency

If you get into trouble while sailing around the Whitsunday Islands, use your radio to contact the head office between 8 am – 5 pm.

After-hours and emergency numbers are displayed next to your radio if needed.

Family & Friends Emergency Contact

If anyone needs to contact you in an emergency, tell them to call our office, and we will contact you via VHF radio.

Whitsunday Bareboat charter

Charging phones on a yacht

All bareboats have inverters for charging batteries.

Our vessels have 12V auxiliary power outlets for phones, so you can charge your phone just like you do in the car.

It’s worth noting that you will need to conserve battery power while living on a boat. You can’t use the inverters to run a computer or hairdryer. They’re just for charging batteries.

Head to the Hamilton Island Marina where you can plug into the 240V power if needed. 


We encourage guests to take the opportunity while bareboating to unplug from devices and sink into the rhythms of the sea!

We understand that sometimes, technology is needed. However, if you can, plan to have a holiday away from phones and wifi; Replace them with sunrises and stars at night.


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